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Will Vitamin D Affect Your Skin, Reduce Blemishes, And Eliminate Stretch Marks?
Author : admin
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Date : Mon, 09 Jul 2012 08:53:17 -0700
Category: health
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The importance of eating a balanced diet's well known to anyone who cares even remotely nearly the bodys general health. You cognize that a fit amount of protein needs to be balanced with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates as well as fats in order to assure your metabolisms proper functioning and your bodys appearance, feel, and efficacy to perform its tasks is not in any way inhibited. While vitamin rich foods are often touted, there are many vitamins that are actually in part dependent on the bodys capability of its daily processes. Perhaps the most famous falling under this category is vitamin D.

Here are some interesting facts pertaining to vitamin D, whether it affects your skin, has the ability to lessen blemishes, and even eliminates stretch marks:
Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of organs, especially the kidneys, bone health, and immune responses. Failure for the body to have adequate amounts of vitamin D at its disposal is directly related to liver and kidney problems failure to perform their tasks in the most severe cases as well as the possibility of failing bone health and subsequent osteoporosis.
When speaking of vitamin D, diet scientists and biologists actually refer to some unlike compounds, the two most important being D2 which may actually be ingested by the addition of vegetables to the diet, and D3 that is found in animal protein yet needs everyday sunlight, specifically the suns UVB rays, to actually be synthesized inside the body.
Since vitamin D relies on the skin exposure to UVB rays, it is not surprising that the dermis is intimately involved in the process. This same dermis is the area associated with tears during growth or weight gain, which in move caused the skin condition known as stretch marks.
While it is true that without vitamin D the bodys organs would initiate to very severe deteriorate, it is important to remember that the skin is an organ actually the biggest one! Sufficient ingestion of vitamin D coupled with at least 15 minutes of daily exposure to sunlight is vital, yet the topical application of vitamin D to stretch marks and different areas of the body in order to avoid stretch marks or decrease blemishes is not a proven methodology of removing any stretch marks.

The claims made that due to of the intimate relationship between vitamin D and the skin, specifically the dermis, there must be sufficient cause to utilize derivatives of this vitamin as topical salves or creams. Thus far, this is not a proven assertion and while it most certainly might be quite harmless, the lore that claims the sun and rubbing of vitamin D into the skin will diminish the appearance of stretch marks or make them disappear altogether is unfounded. Instead, a proper understanding of the functioning of this vitamin, its role within the human body, and its inner workings when coupled with the adequate supply of UVB rays fast and decisively answer whether or not vitamin D will affect your skin, reduce blemishes, and eliminate stretch marks.

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