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What To Expect With Estrogen Replacement During Menopause
Author : menopause
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Date : Thu, 28 Mar 2013 07:29:26 -0700
Category: art entertainment
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Hormone replacement therapy's often the 1st thing out of your doctor's mouth when you talk with him or her nearly menopause. Many physicians strongly believe in hormone replacement therapy. Others are a little more leery of the idea however. Millions of women do opt for this type of conventional menopause treatment however. Those who are just beginning often what they should expect. You may have heard rumors about hormone replacement therapy or you may just need information about it. If you are considering trying hormone replacement therapy, there is many information for you to think about before producing your final decision.
Having Periods With Hormone Replacement Therapy
If you have heard that hormone replacement therapy may cause you to have periods again, you may be right. Estrogen is one form of hormone replacement that able to cause vaginal bleeding in women. The entire thing usually depends on the hormone you are receiving as well as your dosage. Some women just respond differently to hormones than others. If you are experiencing bleeding, you could always tell your physician about changing your medication or dosage to try to halt it.
The process of taking estrogen works to thicken your uterine lining. When you go through menopause, the lining thins and that is why your periods stop. As the lining thickens, it may be shed. This typically happens with women on a cyclic regime where estrogen is only taken for around 21-25 days a month. The statistics are fairly high with approximately 2 out of 3 women having a period. Those who take estrogen every day, plus progestin a little of days'll still probably have a period.
PMS During Menopause
Just due to you are on hormone replacement therapy does not mean you are without charge from PMS yet. Many women on estrogen or different forms of hormone replacement drugs still experience tender breasts, bloating, nausea, and moodiness. Most of the time women going through menopause experience these things anyway however. Sometimes the symptoms of PMS and of menopause are so similar they tend to blur the lines. Reduce the amount of sodium you have every day, exercise regularly, and avoid caffeine in order to decrease these symptoms. If your symptoms become drastically bothersome, talk with your doctor about them. Your doctor will be able to offer suggestions.
As you could see, here are many things you may want to cognize before opting to apply hormone replacement therapy. Some women should certainly use hormone replacement therapy during menopause because they are at high risk for things like heart disease, bone density problems, or depression. Others however may want to talk with their doctor about other alternative options for women going through menopause. You may want to consider herbal remedies, vitamin supplements, diet changes, and other natural options. You should run completely of these by your doctor to make sure you are producing the best medical decision for yourself. However, ultimately it is up to you whether or not you want to use hormones to get through menopause.

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